Bleed blue

The signs in shop windows that scream “back to school” are enough to make you feel second-hand panic about not able to be in the blue uniforms once again.The sting of nostalgia always creeps in.I am envious of kids, trying on their coats with their school logo , to be in their shoes feeling excited about buying the perfect pencil to fit inside their pencil case, to feel that fragrance of the khaki covers over their notebooks and worrying for mid-terms ,oral exams and the battle of ‘fitting in’.How I wish I could relive all those moments in school again.To walk again in those carefree lanes hand in hand with your best friends in those blue pinafore.

Ah my school…This place had countless, an infinite set of memories where we have seen nights turning into day and friends turning into family.This is the very place that has evolved us into the people we are.And talk about the great set of teachers just like how “A candle is enough to make a difference and shed some light, they always had brighten our paths.

And to those classmates; you will meet these people and they will drive you insane, and the next thing you know, it will be a little difficult to breathe when they aren’t around.They spice up the noisy classroom and make dry humor and seriously lame jokes that make us laugh anyway.Those laughs pull us together even after all these years.It leaves a smile on my face when I think of all those moments we spent together.I don’t know what I miss more among all those moments.Maybe it’s the racket in the free periods with debates over movie stars, and crooning over new song lyrics and the mass whining on the Saturday morning class.Or it is the silence which settles over like an invisible layer after a tired PT period.Or maybe it’s the giggles that break the silence in the library over the fashion magazine or is it the victorious guffaw that we share for bunking classes for no reasons?

Mainly I miss the entire cycle of going through different emotions all at once, feeling butterflies in stomach, fearing  open houses and report cards, those cheesy quirks and confessions, over reacting over nicknames, unbreakable pinky promises, and untold secret stories, the onion fevers overnight the exam day, tear soaked pillows with low attendance and puffy eyes with different stories.All throughout the emotional rollercoaster ride, we will always find best friends with same mental disorders giving us thoughts about the great economic depression and pouring boiling water over you when you need a wake-up call, and then you will see what magic world can create for you.With them, you feel like blood rushing in and giving the power to move mountains( a bit carried away.).But still, they are the best.

I still remember my last day sitting in that circle of friends I felt afraid of being away from the place that unknowingly became my home.I had almost made my own Karan Johar movie, with sad music and tissues.That day I regretted how our bags were always packed for home way before the final bell, we should have waited and enjoyed every second of it. We were on the wheels of a hamster, running and grasping for something…until we ran out of years, and it was too late to notice.*sigh*.But even with passing time, the love we share will only grow.(still growing…)

Even after years when I am sprouting gray hairs with winged eyeliner and glasses, checking our school photos, I will remember the wanderlust, the smiles, and the beautiful memories and gratefully thank my school, because when the whole world urged me to “survive”, you taught me how to “live”.


The Hairfall

It’s so hot in here,I mumbled in my sleep.The ticker showed half past eight.It took me a while to recognize the plain ceiling devoid of a fan.”oh yeah,we moved to the new flat,yesterday”I recalled.Finally, we have found a place to settle in for the weekend.It’s unethical to drive away rookies like me and Arnav on such short notice.Our last house owner was merciless.Little known to the new city and its folk,Arnav’s distinct cousin ,Raj was our only helping hand. Raj’s real estate wire pulling arranged us with a 2BHK flat in no time.Until we dig up a better spot closer to the work ,we are freebies here.

Buried in thoughts I was laying in my bed when Arnav showed up with the morning chai. Reaching onto my pillow for leaning on,my fingers tangled hair. Arghh……I groaned,”No way… hair fall…uff”.Muttering,I dragged myself for a dip.After a shower,the bathroom drain heaped more hair than expected.I examined my hair anxiously in the frontal view.The mirror affirmed a sigh of relief .With a towel around,I rambled from room to room in search of food.Ultimately I managed to discover loafs of bread and my beloved Nutella from one of the backpack. While I was smearing chocolate all over my breakfast,I heard Arnav grumbling to himself with a mop.”Arnav ,What’s the matter?Already fed up of tidying?”I teased.Cheerlessly he pointed to the large tuft of hair on the floor and sighed “I think it’s genetics…I will turn out bald like my father”.I chuckled in relief,”Thank God…I have company.Perhaps it is the water here”.He sighed in approval.

We sat on the tidy floor with newspapers and paper plates.As in customary,we fought for the last slice. Arnav gobbled in delight. Unexpectedly he started to cough.Then all of a sudden he was struggling for air and choking on the food he ate. He was trying to take a gasp of air but it didn’t work.The panicky feeling grabbed me hard.He clutched his throat with both hands while getting from the floor, waving his arms around pointing at his neck.His flapping arms, his reddening face and his eyes wide with fear,the signs were obvious.He was struggling for air as if he was choking to death.I grabbed him and thumped him on the back again and again.Suddenly Arnav’s cousin Raj appeared on the door.Startled at the scene he rushed to Arnav. He jumped to his feet, grabbed him from behind, and quickly dislodged the food, which ejected onto the ground with strands of hair in it. Arnav took a while to stand on his own. Raj looked even more wrecked.

After a while,when all the commotion was over. Raj came over again with a new address for our stay.We exchanged puzzled looks with each other,and replied in surprise”We just settled in,why such a hurry?”.He uttered a sigh and said:at”This flat has a bad reputation and a backstory behind it and….er.. these events  has happened before”.We asked in unison”what…?”.This flat belonged to Mia Gupta,a cine artist and she suffered from cancer…and died 6 months ago.We were completely taken aback  by his reply.”In this flat??”words trembled from my mouth. Raj pursued,”She was a hair model,her long beautiful hair was captivating.But the side effect of chemotherapy and radiation therapy led her down along with her hair.She was devastated…..Her career,her beauty all was down the drain. Rumors have it that her spirit still haunts,along with her falling hair and her broken dreams.All former residents have been stirred in one way or the other and even hospitalized and I was hoping that was just some cooked up story…er now I guess it’s not”.I and Arnav stood there half frozen without any replies.The look on my face during this episode was described to me later as one of “utter and complete terror”.That was the last time I ever went near the vicinity of that flat.Ever since then,I have never been able to look at hair fall the same way.

Teensy-weensy story#12

A pencil:

Whenever I made a mistake,”erasers” corrected me and showed me the right way.And I call them my friends.

But whenever I was faulty beyond repair and lost beyond saving ,”sharpeners” proved me that broken things can be fixed .And they became my best friends.

Teensy-weensy story#8

“STOP talking”,she said to me,the 5th-grade class leader in blue uniform placing a finger on her lips.

years later.

“STOP talking”,she said to me,a new bride in her wedding gown,placing a finger on my lips.